It really rolls of the tongue doesn’t it?

We are now in October of course but we cannot predict what bits will come my way in the next three and a half weeks but we can look back to the month that is known the world over as September. Sandwiched between the last of summer joy in August and the spooky chilliness of October, September is the month we buy our new school shoes for the year, make ourselves some promises for the academic year ahead and of course, wait for Bake Off. With all that said, let us gather now as a community and say together ‘I wonder what work things Esther has done in September?’

We will begin in 3–2–1…

I was on Louise McSharry’s 2FM show twice last month doing the Pop Culture segment. You can listen back here and here if you so wish. We talked about Britney’s engagement, the Met Ball, Nicki Minaj’s cousins friends swollen balls and so much more. It’s always a treat. I also recorded something on Radio 1’s The Business Show on the handshake and you can listen back to that here. Is the handshake gone from us forever? YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO LISTEN MARION TO FIND OUT.

For I wrote about the importance of celebrating yourself inspired by Naomi Oaska and also about remembering to have some fun – remember that? An American author suggests you carry out a ‘fun audit’ if your life is all work and no play which sounds like….no fun at all. Sure have a read and blow your little socks off! Some of the pieces are behind a paywall but you can read here or subscribe to see everything here.

In podcasting news, the first season of The Trans Vibe Podcast finished up with season 2 hopefully not too far away. If you want to learn more about the first hand experience of trans people in this country and beyond I recommend you give it a listen. I learn so much each week as I edit and I feel so lucky to be a small part it. I am so grateful to Veda Lady and Robbie Lawlor for bringing me along on their podcasting rollercoaster. The second series of Poz Vibe is also in production at the moment and will be out very soon so make sure you subscribe folks! I also worked on a series called The Secret Life of Celebrity Pets with Darren Kennedy where Darren spoke to guests like Vogue Williams, Laura Whitmore and James Kavanagh about their pampered pooches.

For the excellent Rogue Collective I wrote about how to get better sleep – I mean, what’s your slumber number mate? And if you returned to the office this month, you might want to read about The Big Return on how to approach reentry to office life.

Okay. That’s enough for now.

See you all in October…I mean November for more work updates – how will you contain your excitement until then?! I don’t know but you’ll just have to.